Investor Relations

Babylon - our visibility comes from our ability to optimize for growth and profit

Babylon was founded in 1997 and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (BBYL).

Babylon is running two divisions:

The investment division in which we are looking for ambitious companies in every field, we are open to hear new ideas and talented minds.We have the financial resources and we are waiting for the next big thing to invest in.

Monetization division in which Babylon is a leading global Internet company providing publishers and app developers
using its intelligent systems the ability to monetize and promote their application or content.
Babylon's reach, engagement, and scale are significant and continue to grow.

With a presence in over 190 countries, Babylon is the definition of a global company.
Our online reach is excellent. Because of this Babylon solutions drive scalable growth,
Create strong operating margins, and generate cash flows.
Babylon's growing popularity along with its usability has cemented our leading position as the best method for millions of people worldwide to search for information.
Our search solutions enable Babylon to become a key monetization partner, effectively a business model, to a vast universe of software developers.

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